Enterprise Agility

Agilelab offers practical assistance to business at all levels of the company with a tailored individual approach.
Agile Training classes with International Certification
Our comprehensive training library covers various topics, from the core foundational Lean-Agile Mindset to Scrum, SAFe, Product Agility, role-based training, etc.

We can tailor-make any of our Agilelab training to the specifics of your company.

Our interactive training ensures that you can practice your new skills in solving your company's struggles and issues within your team, even during your class.

* Get a discount if you register 3-5 employees of your company.
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Agile Consulting Services
Agile Consulting helps clients achieve faster releases, higher productivity, and customer success.

We provide high-quality consulting services for companies implementing agile - from small teams to dispersed organizations. Whether you're just getting started to embed new practices across your company or ready to scale up, we support you with our range of agile consulting services to fit your specific needs.
We offer a discount on consulting services for companies who have not worked with us yet! Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.
Business Agility Transformation

We will assist in increasing the work speed, increasing the involvement of all the stakeholders, increasing productivity, and eliminating problems related to cross-team communications. We will assess your current processes, which will allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses, work out updates and step-by-step implementation of Agile. Our coaches will ensure that your teams maximize their capability, uplift, speed the transition, and reduce any productivity dips along the transformation way.

Case studies
OKR Consulting
The goal of the OKR framework is to transform the vision and mission of a company into achievable objectives. We will help increase employee engagement in Agile processes, support goal-setting and implementing tools for employee motivation and open feedback, teach, stimulate innovations and at the same time reduce risks and unjustified costs.
Enterprise Agile
Agile Transformation Roadmapping.
Agilelab helps companies answer the questions:
  • Why do you need a transformation?
  • Where and when to start the change?
  • What will happen?
  • How long will it take, and what will be the result?
Together we will work with you to create an Agile transformation plan.

Large Scale Agile Coaching.
  • We help organizations of all sizes, small startups, and large corporations select and implement Agile at Scale processes suitable for their specific environment.
  • Whether you are ready for Agile only in a pilot project or want a large-scale implementation, we will help you choose the necessary practices and tools.
  • Our goal is the formation of sustainable practices at the organization level that create value, involving the entire organization in this process.
Agile Audit.
  • Agilelab can assist you in understanding the level of Agile transformation in your company.
  • Agilelab can evaluate the effectiveness of current processes, identify areas for improvement, and together with you, can determine a strategy for improvement. We help our clients implement the proper Agile practices that best suit their specific needs.
  • Agile Executive Coaching.
Agilelab can hold strategic sessions, executive leadership planning, and strategic reviews.
To truly instill, develop and maintain change in any organization, the change needs support from the top. Our Agilelab consultants are experienced in working with senior executives, directors and leaders to troubleshoot, investigate and devise strategies for successful change and agile adoption.
  • Agile Team Coaching.
Agilelab can help you achieve your team goals and troubleshoot troublesome team dynamics.
Agile Coaching School
The Agile Coaching School is an intensive online training programme of over 60 hours. The school lasts two months and consists of three evening classes a week lasting 3 hours each.

We at AgileLAB have decided to launch an evening Agile Coaching School to help you gain all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to start your career as an Agile Сoach. As well as to deepen and broaden your existing knowledge and improve your skills to help develop essential competencies for Agile Coaching, thus enhancing your career prospects.

The school's trainers are internationally recognised practitioners who successfully combine their training activities with work in leading companies. Therefore, the training participants get direct experience based on actual working cases.
Agile Coaching School
Agile Product Owner School
The main focus of the training is to launch or develop a product approach in the organization. As a result, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the product approach and practical skills in applying them.

The content of the following trainings, and beyond, is used to prepare:
Agile Product Owner School
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