Agile Maturity Assessment

This is the first step that we suggest, especially for companies of a larger size, because it is closely related to complexity as well as opacity of processes, and readiness to Transform in different units. Agile Maturity Assessment allows to determine where the starting point is, agree upon what is the problem and readiness to change on different levels. Consequently, it allows to set ambitious and achievable Transformation Objectives, as well as to plan stages and scope of further work.

In this activity, we thoroughly assess:
Value Streams structure
Goal Setting system
Current Portfolio Management system
Product and Project practices, IT Change processes
Communications on and between different levels
Level of knowledge about Whys and Hows of the upcoming Transformation on different levels
Current known issues at different levels
Current rules and regulation regarding IT production
On the basis of Agile Maturity Assessment Report, we will propose the Vision for the Transformation, as well as specific steps for the desired Change.
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