Agile Portfolio Management

The management of strategic initiatives within an organization requires a distinct approach. This includes long-term planning, with a focus on high-level goals rather than specific tasks. There are also well-defined processes for providing the necessary resources and funding for these initiatives. Additionally, the portfolio level may need to adapt to changing circumstances, such as increased competition or a shift towards a product-based approach. This allows organizations to quickly launch and implement global initiatives that align with their overall strategy.
When transformation affects portfolio management processes, such as budgeting, monitoring, and reporting on initiatives, it is important to make the changes effective and safe. As this is the decision-making level that is under the close scrutiny of top management, mistakes in changes at the portfolio level can jeopardize both the ongoing transformation and the overall performance of the company.
That is why we recommend engaging AgileLAB consultants for this purpose. We can help establish continuity between familiar mechanisms of company development management at the global level, provide transparency to changes for stakeholders and point out common anti-patterns that mask the old management system under new terms.
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