Corporate Learning Programs

To work in a new way, employees need new knowledge and skills. Moreover, transformation often becomes most effective only when a new way of thinking, and Agile-mindset, is embedded in the corporate culture of employees and management.

Agile Mindset

That is why our corporate learning programs are held as courses. This is an opportunity for participants not only to learn new information and concepts but also to practice new tools in a safe environment and to try out the Agile mindset that underlies the changes that employees must live with.
The approach to management training and top management should be noted. Most top managers have extensive management experience and are already familiar with part of the information. A feature of training for managers is that it takes place in the format of leveling sessions. This approach does not question the competence of the participants. It provides a forum for discussion and understanding and a common language to be used by the members at a high level in the transformation.
Courses for Managers and Top Managers
AgileLAB has a wide range of ICAgile-accredited courses. For several trainings, AgileLAB is a co-author of the criteria for accreditation. Our trainers have extensive experience in the corporate environment. They understand the specifics of the work of companies in Europe and the CIS countries (from banks and telecoms to retail and physical production). This allows you to consider regional principles and industry specifics so that our corporate training programs are the most useful.
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