Professionelle Agile Trainings mit internationaler Zertifizierung

AgileLAB ist ein Team von unabhängigen Agile Trainern, die ihr praktisches Wissen verbreiten und eine zertifizierte, weltweit anerkannte Weiterbildung anbieten.

Wir steigern die Produktivität und die betriebliche Effizienz von Unternehmen. Dazu bieten wir auf Basis unserer eigenen praktischen Erfahrungen, Best Practices und Industriestandards hochwertige Weiterbildungen und Agile-Beratungsprogramme für die öffentliche Hand und die Privatwirtschaft an.
Abonnieren Sie unsere News und erhalten Sie Delegation Poker Cards, Moving Motivators und Estimation Cards, um Ihre Teamaktivitäten noch produktiver zu gestalten.
Zudem werden Sie als Erster über die wichtigsten Neuigkeiten vom AgileLAB-Team und unsere Rabatte informiert!

Anstehende Varanstaltungen

Warum AgileLAB

Internationale Zertifizierung
Wir bieten Trainings an, die von ICAgile, einem internationalen Konsortium für agile Entwicklung und Weiterbildung zertifiziert sind.
Praktische Erfahrung
Die Materialien für unsere Workshops basieren auf unserer persönlichen Erfahrung. Wir lehren nur, was wir selbst in der Praxis anwenden.
Kleine Gruppen
Jede Gruppe umfasst 20 Teilnehmer/-innen oder weniger. Das Training wird immer von zwei Trainern durchgeführt. Wir bemühen uns jedem/-r Teilnehmer/-in maximale Aufmerksamkeit zu widmen.
Unser Team
Impressionen unserer Trainings
The guys from AgileLab really know what they are speaking about, I attended several trainings, each provided me with valuable insights that I could transfer to my daily management praxis.
Hannes Farlock
Managing Director @ DEinternational
Presentation and training can be used for big projects management and global nature of projects planning monitoring and implementation.
Krystian Spyra
RF Optimization Manager @ A1
Good and informative 2 days. I like the combination of lecture and exercises!!!
Sabine Schindler
Project Manager @ censhare AG
Thanks for the training! All the basic concepts of Agile methodologies have settled, answers to many of the asked and unasked questions were received.
Tatiana Labkovich
Product Manager @
The training was really great. I recommend it to everyone. The instructors are awesome and they know a lot about Agile.
Software developer @ censhare AG
Excellent training, as well as examples from real projects. I liked the approach very much, and also the fact that the trainers helped with the solution of real problems.
Andrey Barbier
Project Manager @ Softeq
In fact, after a couple of weeks, I can more accurately say what [the Program and Portfolio Management course] gave me as a PM. I kind of got 3D vision of the client's business and product. Even if so far one is not talking about expanding Agile in depth and breadth in client companies, it's much clearer for me what they need, how it's built and prioritized. As a bonus, it became easier to negotiate and promote my decisions.
Anna Piskova
Projects manager @ Itransition
I'm happy that such a high level of certification is available in Minsk. A well-balanced program and excellent, productive and fun interaction with class members. The most value have 2 pages with notes of ideas and materials for studying outside the class. Many thanks to the trainers!
Irina Teteruk
Agile Project Manager, consultant @ Ciklum
This is the best training I've been able to visit in Belarus.
Sergey Kravchenko
Executive Director @ System Technologies
The guys again please with the presentation of the material, subjects delivered, overall atmosphere and professionalism!
Daria Kasperova
Project Manager/Business Analyst @ Invento Labs
Excellent training, a lot of useful information, supported by real situations from trainers.
Kirill Svechnikov
Project Manager @ Red Rock Apps
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