Online Agile Training
Justification Letter

Below, you'll find a "justification letter" template — a letter to your supervisor explaining all the benefits you'll get from attending our Agile trainings.
Dear (Name),

I've been thinking about how to make our company (business, team) more effective, and I believe Agile is the key. Agile is very powerful, but we need some guidance to make it work. With some formal training we could improve our workflows and see dramatic improvements in all our projects. Compared to traditional management (which is what we're using now), Agile frameworks enable us to be faster, more productive, less stressed, and more focused on quality.

I recently found that AgileLAB is offering a comprehensive online training program on the subject, which will save us a lot on travel and accommodation.


  • They are co-authors of the latest version of the Agile Delivery Management Track of the ICAgile Learning Roadmap.
  • Provider of world-class training courses on Agile Delivery Management, based on the results of for the 1st quarter of 2018.
  • The first authorized training provider Delivery At Scale in Europe / Asia.
  • Authors of the Scrum Card Game, Online Facilitation toolkit.
  • A distributed team in Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow, Warsaw and New York. Experience in product and service development, both onsite and remotely.
  • A team with hands-on experience in leading companies in the industry: Amazon, IAC, ING Bank, Gett, EPAM and
  • The average NPS engagement / training rate is 8.7+.


You can see the training program's outline here, and download the complete set of learning objectives set up by ICAgile on their site here.
The course takes place during three 5-hour classes spread out over one-two weeks. Each one is led by a live instructor.

€ 0.000 per attendee

Our current productivity could use the help that a course like this offers. Not only will it help us get more done in less time, but this training can also help us better interact with customers and drive better business ROI.

Please let me know what you think; I'd love to attend.