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Transformation Success Criteria

Measuring the success of a transformation is a question of manageability and alignment of the pace of transformation with the organization's strategy and goals. It can be difficult to link, for example, the implementation of Scrum, relative evaluations, or a safe environment for discussing team problems - with financial indicators or achieving business agility at the company level. This gap can undermine the trust of company owners or direct participants in organizational changes in the transformation initiative.
Developing and implementing measurable indicators that reflect the progress of the transformation is a complex task that requires an understanding of the organization's context and strategic goals, as well as knowledge of the specific features of how organizational systems respond to the transparency of processes, including identifying dysfunctional elements.
Our team of consultants can help
We'll propose a methodology for collecting and aggregating performance indicators using data from your company's information systems.
We'll work with you to develop measurable and difficult-to-fake metrics for your transformation, including lagging and leading indicators.
We'll help you avoid the pitfall of one-sided metrics that often lead to overburdening employees, growing dissatisfaction, and unwanted turnover of valuable staff.
We'll help you set up regular analysis of the data at different levels.
And we'll share with you the applicability of various metrics as an objective metric base.
This is particularly important because many Agile team maturity assessment tools and practices are intended for team-internal reflection rather than comparison with other teams or aggregation at the board level. Contact us today to learn how we can help you measure and achieve successful transformation.
Having extensive experience with many organizations and regions, our consultants have deep understanding of how well-tuned criteria system can serve as a guiding star for Transformation success. And how poorly designed criteria system can unite people in a company - in form of resistance to ongoing Change.
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