OKR Templates

AgileLAB invites you to download valuable OKR templates from our partner OKR Consortium.
OKR is undoubtedly a subject where templates and frameworks offer significant benefits to the coaches and practitioners. They can make use of various templates that consolidate the collective experiences of numerous OKR coaches into a single framework, which can be employed during trainings and workshops. Our aim is to establish a knowledge base comprising validated tools and techniques that have been tried and tested by our coaches in practical settings.
OKRs cannot be written with no resources on which they are based. One of the most common activities that need to precede an OKR drafting session is opportunity collection.
The comprehensive template will help prioritize and disregard less promising opportunities. Another indirect benefit of this template is that it prevents stakeholders from coming up with impractical opportunities and sending them directly to the product team before analyzing them thoroughly.
Opportunity Brief
This cheat sheet will help you create successful OKRs that contribute to achieving important goals and key results, as well as support product growth and innovation. Make the most of this invaluable resource during your OKR seminars and as a self-assessment tool for your teams. This guide will enable team members to assess their OKRs, ensuring they meet the requirements.
Cheat Sheet on Crafting Winning OKRs
One of the most important parts of the OKR framework implementation is the OKR process. Our OKR coaches tested different meeting cadences to come up with a recommended solution that we want to propose to you. This document not only includes the cadence itself but also meeting documentation templates for the entire process spanning 11 pages. This template will save you hours of meeting preparation work.
OKR Meeting Guide
The OKR Framework (Objectives and Key Results) template is used to structure and document the goals and key results of an organization or team.
Download the OKR framework below that you can use to map exactly your goals.
OKR Framework
Particularly valuable about this Team OKR Deafting template is that, in addition to the conventional Objectives and Key Results, it provides an overview of the objective's motivation ("Why now?"). Usually, it is challenging to encapsulate all the necessary motivation within the objective itself. Therefore, the ability to succinctly express the importance of the objective in a single sentence is greatly appreciated by teams and OKR coaches.
Furthermore, the template incorporates the team's mission and an alignment check, ensuring the necessary context is provided, especially for other teams with whom the template will be shared and the organisation as a whole.
Team OKR Drafting Template