Agile Transformation

The Transformation (Agile, Product, Service, Digital) of companies is the most significant challenge management faces to reach new heights or avoid external threats. Transformation usually affects many structures and subsystems of the organization. It requires an integrated, systemic approach to minimize risks and achieve desired outcomes while preserving what is of value and is out there.
AgileLAB has provided transformational consulting for the last ten years among our clients - banks, telecoms, industrial enterprises, and leaders of their industries in Europe, CIS countries, and the USA. We understand the specifics of industries, regions, and transformations as a product - with its inherent stakeholders, risks, scaling approaches, and success metrics.
At which levels do you run Transformation?
To answer this question, let us use the three-level model. Unlike the organizational structure, it is the same for most organizations, because the levels are based on the decisions taken, which is mostly universal across the organizations.
Investment and strategic focus
The AgileLAB approach recommends transformation at all three levels
The level of portfolio management
The Product / Solution level
Determining what needs to be done to achieve objectives
How to do this
The team level
Possible elements of transformation on the "map" of the three-level organization model
It is a long list, and it is not to be feared! Not every transformation requires every one of these elements. When drafting the Transformation Roadmap, these options will help you understand where to start and what is essential to pay attention to. You can read about the particular transformation elements below or leave a contact request. Our specialists will contact you and help you to choose the format of the transformation that you need.
How it works
We enter an internal agreement between our coach and your team/company. This will ensure everyone’s goals are aligned and we have concrete ways to measure progress. With this, you get a clear picture of the outcome and the steps you need to take to reach it rather than a raw deal.
Every team gets a coach with the relevant expertise. They help set up your business processes, launch the required changes, and support and guide the teams and the company.
Coaching agreement
Tailored approach
Our coaches teach you how these teams work. They run all the relevant workshops and help team members learn how to use the right tools at every key step of team launch and support.
Online and in-person
Choose whichever format you‘d like, and we’ll make it work. Most of our training and workshops can be done both online and offline.
A perfect match
For big business, besides the focus on constant growth, the speed of response to external changes is very important. Such a transformation is intended to provide such an opportunity.
For large enterprises
To keep up with the market, you need to focus on the clients, extend your coverage, improve the quality of your services, and do it better every year.
For SMEs
Your product is the value that you bring to your clients and end users. When you build smart communication with your target audience, and proper business processes that support your steady growth, you’ve won half the battle already.
For product owners
Whether you deliver a product or a service, your customers and users are your main source of feedback. When your whole team keeps their eye on the goal, everybody wins.
For team leaders
Does this plan catch your eye?
Please feel free to email us! We will be happy to get in touch and see how well our approach fits your company.
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