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Software Engineering Consulting

Do you want to release digital products as quickly as your business needs?
Use Software Engineering Consulting to resolve the conflict between quality and delivery speed!
How do you determine what is preventing you from delivering the results of your work to customers on time and predictably?
How do you detect unwanted delays in the production process? Do you manage changes? How quickly do you respond to market signals? How much time do you spend preparing for release?

Engineering consulting can help you answer these questions so that you can:
Help engineers transition from inappropriate development practices and outdated technologies. Increase the use of new tools to support development processes.
Deliver changes effectively, securely, conveniently, and scalably
Create a DevOps culture to accelerate, reduce costs, and improve delivery quality
Adopt modern DevOps practices and take advantage of tools to enhance the efficiency of your CI/CD pipeline. Deliver features to users faster, improving with each iteration.
Trust professionals to build teams around a shared vision and goals. Create a culture of trust and a culture of built-in quality.
Teach business and development teams to work as one cohesive unit
When do you need engineering consulting?
In the digital age, customers expect software products to continuously become more useful, convenient, and reliable. Your team needs to continuously evolve to meet these expectations. Here are a few examples of how engineering consulting can change your organization's ability to continuously evolve.
Embrace technology to drive transformation
Organizational transformation (such as transitioning to Agile or a customer-centric approach) requires both transformation team effort and a reliable technological strategy. Engineering consulting helps sustain culture change on a practices and tools level, such as coding practices, quality standards, integration approaches, automation, etc. It provides guidance on forming and developing your technological strategy so that your IT ecosystem can create, reinforce, and increase the efficiency of your competitive advantages.
Support the Discovery stage
An effective Discovery stage will allow you to quickly test your hypotheses on real clients in a competitive environment. If you delay delivery, the investments in research and your unique advantages may become outdated before they reach the market. Technical consultants help your engineers eliminate undesirable delays in the production process and release products more frequently for quick market feedback.
Increase the efficiency of technology adoption
Training may not provide an answer as to how to apply new knowledge in your environment. Technical consultants work alongside you, providing practical skills and fostering a shift in culture and approach. They help maximize returns on training investments and enable you to be effective immediately, avoiding the extra trial and error stage.
Ensure Quality with Increased Release Frequency
Does the release of new functionality cause stress for you and your users? How complex and time-consuming is the testing stage? Technical consultants will help you develop a culture of quality in teams, so that you create the right things in the right way. They will assist teams in the areas of DevOps and QA automation, security, scalability, CI/CD, etc.
Accelerate innovation by reducing technical debt
Technical debt is blocking an organization's ability to innovate and implement changes. Additionally, it leads to increased costs for change and system support. Technical consultants will help your team find a balance and prevent technical debt from becoming a debt of innovation. They help you see a broader picture and assess the impact of debt on organizational agility, so you can decide which areas of your IT infrastructure are most hindering your goal attainment.
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