AgileLAB is an international distributed team of hands-on Agile coaches who spread practical knowledge and offer certified education
Dear friends!
For AgileLAB, 2022 was a year of challenges. As we continued to increase our productivity and bring new opportunities to our clients, we expanded ours.
We would also like to share with you the congratulations of ICAgile. Many thanks to each member of our team for contributing to our shared success.
AgileLAB looks forward to continuing next year to help you and your organizations to improve, adopt modern practices and processes, enable companies to transform business and launch new initiatives.
Together with YOU, we will continue to improve in the new year, not rest on our laurels and consistently maintain our leadership in all areas! Stay tuned, and see you in the year 2023!

AgileLAB team
    • Training classes with internationally recognised Agile Certification
    • Agile Consulting Services
    • Business Agility Transformation
    • OKR Consulting
    • Enterprise Agile Coaching
    • Agile Coaching School
    • Agile Product Owner School

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Why Choose Us

International Accreditation
We offer training accredited by ICAgile, an international organisation developing education in the field of Agile approaches.
Practical Experience
The materials for our training are based on our personal experience, and we teach only what we practise ourselves.
Small Groups
Each group has 20 students or fewer. Where possible, two coaches always conduct training. At Agilelab, we strive to give maximum attention to each participant.
Trusted by alumni companies
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