Playbook – New Methodology

Making new work methods official policy
  • Agile does not assume the absence of documentation. Even a rapid and radical transformation does not assume chaos and confusing practices or standards. Rather, during Agile, common sense practices that allow organizations to be more adaptive and faster are identified, standardized, and fixed as a methodological foundation. Traditionally, such methodological materials are known as a Playbook.
  • AgileLAB's practice is that the creation of a playbook should be considered almost immediately after the start of the transformation. Our approach is an iterative-incremental development of the playbook from the beginning of the transformation, with gradual work to give it the status of internal normative documents.
  • This is an important step that makes the transformation or new way of working truly part of the organization. For the inert part of the company, the absence of official regulations often means that new practices do not have the necessary weight and are not perceived as a mandatory component of work.

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