Set of Facilitation Tools for team activities

Facilitation Set:
Kudo Cards, Moving Motivators, Estimation Cards
Different languages
We have made different sets of cards in German and English to make training and playing with the team even more convenient!
Printable version
You will receive a ready-to-print version of the cards that you can print out and use!
Hands-on materials
These cards are used by our experts during workshops and you can use them in any workshop, training & meeting!
The set includes:
A printable version of Cards in different languages (English, German) that we use in our training sessions, details you can find below. These practical tools will help you create transformational change within your organization as well as drive employee engagement.
Kudo Cards
Kudo Cards are simple cards that play the role of a physical token of appreciation. The cards can be placed in a box, and every now and then the Kudo Box is emptied and the workers celebrate those who had received a card.
Moving Motivators
This awesome card set will help you to find out what really motivates yourself, your team, and your boss.

Consists of ten cards reflecting the ten motivators of the CHAMPFROGS model.Curiosity, Honor, Acceptance, Mastery, Power, Freedom, Relatedness, Order, Goal, and Status

Estimation Cards
Enable you to work as a whole team on a full product backlog every week. Within less than 30 min your Team will be able to get a very good overview of the Product Backlog.
Get a set of Facilitation Tools for team activities and employee engagement.