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At AgileLAB, we understand the importance of having a high-performing team to drive your business forward. That's why we offer Talent Extension Services designed to help you unlock your team's potential and achieve extraordinary results. Whether you need to augment your existing workforce or fill specific skill gaps, our services provide a seamless solution.

With a proven track record of over 13,000 consulting hours, AgileLAB has the expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate, ensuring that when you choose AgileLAB, you're partnering with a company dedicated to your success.

Our international team of 40+ hands-on professionals is at your service, ready to cater to your specific requirements. From Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches at various levels to OKR Coaches, DevOps experts, Manual QA Testers, and Data Engineers, our team brings a wealth of experience and diverse skill sets to accelerate your projects.
International team of hands-on professionals
Customer Satisfaction Rate
Happy corporate customers
Consulting hours
AgileLAB is here to support you with a diverse range of roles, including:
Guide teams and leaders in setting effective objectives and measurable key results aligned with strategic goals.
Supports organizations in implementing and optimizing DevOps practices for seamless software delivery.
DevOps / DevSecOps
Skilled manual QA testers execute test cases, identify defects, and enhance software quality.
Facilitate ceremonies, provide coaching, handle conflict resolution, and track project metrics for collaboration and success.
Manual QA Testers
Design and implement data pipelines, perform transformations, and optimize data integration.
Foster Agile practices, collaboration, self-organization, and continuous improvement.
Team-level Agile Coaches
Data Engineers
Ensure coordination and alignment across teams and programs.
RTE-level Agile Coaches
Drive organizational agility and foster Agile practices, culture, and transformation.
Agile Enterprise Coaches
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Interview them personally
Get started & manage your developer directly
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Our diverse team is ready to help you improve your business
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Enhanced flexibility
Scale your workforce up and down based on project requirements
Faster time-to-market
Quickly augment your teams for timely project completion
Benefits Services for Extending Staff Capacity by AgileLAB
Access to diverse talent
Get the exact skills and competencies you need
Reduced risks
Evaluate performance and fit before offering permanent positions
Fill your team's gaps
Sabbatical leaves; maternity/ paternity leaves; sick leaves; new employee search
If you're ready to take the next step, schedule a brief call with Vladimir Gorshunov, the Founder of AgileLAB, Trainer, and Executive Agile Coach. Vladimir will provide valuable insights into how our services can support and enhance your team's capabilities. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your team's performance and achieve extraordinary results.

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