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Individual Training

Individual training is intensive training in the "trainer-participant" format, ensuring the maximum effectiveness of your development. Personalized one-on-one sessions with a seasoned coach will assist you in honing specific skills intensively, concentrating solely on what truly matters.
What is the difference between individual training and individual consultation?
In advance we define the training program according to the course you have chosen, but adapt the material to your knowledge: the emphasis is on those aspects that are not familiar to you. Our approach is focused not on information overload, but on providing quality and truly valuable training for you.
Training in an individual format is, on our part, a guarantee of NDA compliance for all your cases and issues discussed.


We cover all the required abstracts of accredited trainings, and we customize the depth of immersion and the submission format for each individual. Thus, learning becomes not just a process, but a tool for achieving real results. Our trainers share real cases in which you will see how theory turns into living skills.


Each training corresponds in duration to the recommended requirements of the accrediting company. An individual approach allows the participant to find answers even to very sensitive questions, the discussion of which in a group format may be undesirable. Together with an experienced coach, you will go the full way: from setting a task or identifying a problem to successfully achieving a goal.
When individual training can be helpful:
Training map. Extensive portfolio of 40+ trainings. You get the opportunity to undergo training that was previously available only to corporate clients. Complete list of our trainings.
Application. If it is important for you to understand how the practices and tools from the training program are used in a particular industry or market segment, you can indicate this so that we select a trainer with the most relevant experience and cases.
Proven Expertise. Our trainers are real practitioners with extensive knowledge and rich experience gained in the course of work. The content of our trainings is based on our own experience. We share only what we ourselves successfully put into practice.
Convenient schedule. If your work schedule is busy and there is no way to join group classes. An individual training schedule is formed taking into account your time possibilities and preferences.
Personal efficiency. Together with the trainer, you identify and analyze the most important questions and problems for you within the framework of the chosen program. Deep immersion in problem solving is the key point of individual training.
Personal growth. You want to quickly understand growth areas, improve skills and expertise, taking into account the characteristics of your professional field.
Why AgileLAB?
AgileLAB is your ultimate choice for agile training and certification. We are a top consulting and training team of hands-on professionals who deliver tailor-made solutions to businesses worldwide. Our expertise spans scaled, product, and team agility, and we boast the broadest training portfolio in the industry. With over 40 training programs, previously reserved for corporate clients, we offer unparalleled access to valuable knowledge and skills. Our trainers, seasoned experts in their fields, draw from practical experiences to deliver content firmly grounded in real-world applications. Whether you seek a flexible schedule, personalized problem-solving, or industry-specific insights, AgileLAB is your partner in empowering your agile journey.
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