Agile Leadership and Individual Support

Ordinary companies have gotten used to teams of only assembly-line workers, with the top brass handing down orders to them. This makes the companies miss out on a whole bunch of ideas, hypotheses, and potential experiments.

When you split up the production flow into delivery and discovery, the focus shifts dramatically: you keep growing your products & services, whether you end up selling them or using them internally.
We offer coaching, mentoring, and tracking support for those who have these questions. They differ in the degree of influence of the client and the assistant - and the way of dividing responsibility for the result. In this form of interaction, when the client is interested in his promotion to the desired goal, it becomes essential not to transfer responsibility to the role of a coach, mentor, or tracker. Only when the client realizes his merit for his results does he become truly independent of such external help and can continue to develop without additional support.
The task of AgileLAB in this form of interaction is to make the client's progress as fast and comfortable as he is willing to support the pace of this promotion. While not making decisions for the client and not shifting the relationship into a dependency format. Support is well suited for transformation participants at any level, provided that they strive for results.
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