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What business can win from an ESG approach: Align with ESG Trends to Maintain Your Competitive Edge
  • Enhance the HR brand: increase employee productivity and loyalty - Transform your workforce with a strong ESG proposition. Attract and retain top talent while boosting morale and productivity. Nearly 58% of employees value a company’s social and environmental commitments, linking directly to job satisfaction and performance (Alex Edmans, “The link between job satisfaction and firm value, with implications for corporate social responsibility”, Academy of Management Perspectives, BDO, “The Sustainability Edge: Business Benefits of Embracing ESG”).
  • Boost customer loyalty and brand improvement - With 60% of U.S. consumers influenced by brand values, including a commitment to diversity and a positive culture, the ESG approach positions your brand as a leader in ethical and sustainable practices, cultivating a loyal and conscious customer base (BDO, “The Sustainability Edge: Business Benefits of Embracing ESG”).
  • Unlock growth and market expansion opportunities - A strong ESG proposition helps companies tap new markets and expand into existing ones. Engage in meaningful social activities that resonate with stakeholders, paving the way for smoother resource utilization and operational efficiency (McKinsey Quarterly, How much will consumers pay to go green?).
  • Elevate your investment appeal to new heights - ESG-oriented investing has experienced a meteoric rise—global sustainable investment now tops $35,3 trillion in total, equating to 36% of all professionally managed assets (GSIAGlobal Sustainable Investment Review 2020). Unlock the full potential of your investments by focusing on the most sustainable and promising opportunities, such as renewables and waste reduction. Avoid the pitfalls of stranded investments and navigate towards a more sustainable and profitable future.
  • Reduce operational costs - Address rising operational expenses head-on. Implement ESG strategies to potentially reduce costs affecting operating profits, as much as 60% in critical areas like raw materials and carbon management (McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity Research).
  • Enhance credit scores and equity returns - A robust ESG strategy isn’t just good practice — it's smart economics. Strengthen your financial standing with a robust ESG strategy. Experience a surge in equity returns and a notable decrease in downside risks, setting a new standard in financial performance (Gunnar Friede et al., “ESG and financial performance: Aggregated evidence from more than 2000 empirical studies”, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment).
  • Minimize regulatory and legal challenges - Strengthen your ESG profile to minimize regulatory challenges and foster government support. In sectors like banking, the value at stake from effective ESG integration can reach 60% (for banks - McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity Research).
Unlock the power of ESG with our expert ESG Solutions:
We help to develop and implement groundbreaking initiatives in community engagement, labor practices, human rights, and diversity and inclusion policies. Elevate your brand’s reputation and create a positive change in society.
Social Responsibility Initiatives Advising
Our expert consultants will collaborate with you to craft or enhance your ESG strategy, ensuring it aligns with your business goals and sets new standards in stakeholder satisfaction and industry excellence.
ESG Strategy Development
Improving corporate governance structures and practices. We refine governance structures and practices, focusing on crucial elements like board composition, executive remuneration, shareholder rights, and unwavering ethical conduct. Position your company at the forefront of responsible business leadership.
Corporate Governance Consulting
We meticulously compare your ESG practices against industry leaders and best practices, identifying strategic opportunities for enhancement and growth.
Benchmarking and Performance Analysis
Lead the market with our sustainable product development support. We assist you in creating groundbreaking, eco-friendly products and services, integrating sustainability seamlessly into your innovation process. Stay ahead of the curve and captivate your market with pioneering sustainable solutions.
Innovation and Sustainable Product Development
Assistance in developing comprehensive sustainability reports following global standards like GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board). This includes data collection, analysis, and effective communication of ESG performance to stakeholders.
Comprehensive Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure
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