Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Dear friends,
AgileLAB wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
On our part, we promise to continue leading the way in Agile and OKR consulting, serving as a reliable, comfortable, and engaged partner for you. In the outgoing year of 2023, the AgileLAB team significantly expanded its expertise, achieving impressive results:
1. Global Recognition: We attained the status of ICAgile Transformation member, confirming our high level of expertise in Agile transformations and providing you access to cutting-edge practices and innovations in this field. Learn more here.
2. Launch of Staff Augmentation Service: This service assists you in hiring temporary staff, offering flexibility in resource management and contributing to strengthening your business. More details here.
3. Business Development through OKR Practices: Our approach to OKR helps companies become more efficient and results-oriented. From the introductory course OKR Practitioner to the popular training OKR Coach and strategic sessions, we make your work more focused and productive. Learn more here.
4. New Tools to Support Agile Practices: Expanding our toolkit, including OKR templates and an arc of systems coaching, will make your Agile process smoother and more effective.
5. Launch of New ICAgile Training: The Adaptive Org Design (ICP-ORG) course was our fastest-growing this year. We also added courses in Agility in Marketing (ICP-MKG), Agility in Finance (ICP-FIN), and Agility in HR (ICP-AHR), broadening our training spectrum to prepare you for current and future challenges better.
6. Individualized Training: Now, you can dive deeper into the material and adapt it to your unique needs, maximizing the benefits of individual or small group training (up to 5 people). Details here.
7. Kanban.University courses: Kanban courses and learning programs align with current market requirements and trends, providing the most relevant Kanban practices. Details here.
8. Agile Coaching Training (ICP-ACC) Update: Our Agile Coaching course has been updated according to new ICAgile requirements, confirming its relevance and effectiveness for you. Details here.
9. New ITIL 4 Training Lineup: We launched a new training lineup that will provide you with knowledge and tools in the IT operation. The first course in the program is ITIL 4 Foundation.
We appreciate your trust and collaboration in the past year. Ahead of us are new opportunities for mutual growth and achievements! We look forward to new encounters in the coming year!
AgileLAB GmbH Team
10. Launch of a New Design Thinking Course: Our new course on Design Thinking will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for successful application in your professional activities. Details here.