Agility in Finance (ICP-FIN)

About the training
Unlock your potential and elevate your career with the ICP-FIN certification offered by AgileLAB GmbH. This specialized training enables Change Agents to navigate financial landscapes and catalyze the transformation of Finance function towards enabling business agility.
This certification is also designed for professionals in Finance, Accounting, and Procurement who are ready to embrace an Agile mindset and adapt swiftly to the dynamic business ecosystem.

The ICP-FIN is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Finance Track.
The training program is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). Upon completion of the training, participants receive personalized ICAgile Certified Professional – Agility in Finance ICAgile Certified Professional – Agility in Finance (ICP-FIN) certificate that are recognized worldwide.
What you get as a participant
ICP-FIN Certificate
Participants who actively work throughout the training receive the ICAgile Certified Professional – Agility in Finance (ICP-FIN) personal certificate which is recognized worldwide and a personal profile on
You will get access to facilitation tools and PDF files with the results of exercises.
By attending the course, you can earn up to 15 Category C SEU points and up to 14 PDU points to use towards your future training.
How can I get SEU?
A letter with additional materials, a list of articles and literature for self-study.
Three-day intensive training will cover the required learning outcomes for this certification.
This program covers:
  • How Finance and Accounting approaches impact an organization's Business Agility.
  • Financial Reporting in Agile Organizations.
  • How financial structures, processes and roles need to change to support Agile approaches.
  • Adaptive approach to Budget allocations and Incremental budgeting.
  • Effective Financial Targeting, Financial Forecasting and Resource Allocation.
  • Projects, Products and Value Streams modes and how to determine which is appropriate in particular context.
  • Value management and Cost management approaches and their application.
  • Handling financials in different product life cycle stages.
  • How synergy between Agile processes and compliance enhance Agile transformation in the organization.
  • Types of costs that result from financing decisions.
  • CapEx and OpEx in the context of an Agile product development.
  • Lean Agile Procurement approach.
  • Constructing content for an Agile (win-win!) contract with time and materials, fixed-price per iteration, incremental, and other approaches.
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