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About the Training
Welcome to our design thinking training, where creativity meets problem-solving!

We have developed a comprehensive program that will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for successful implementation of the design thinking methodology in your professional endeavors.

This practical training seamlessly combines theory, business cases, and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Participants will delve into the fundamental principles of design thinking, gain an understanding of its various applications, and most importantly, apply these skills in practice by working on real business cases.

The training program is developed by AgileLAB. Upon completion of the training, participants receive a personalized AgileLAB certificate.
This training will be beneficial for:
  • Corporate innovators and change leaders: Arm yourself with the tools and mindset to introduce innovations into your organization. Design thinking is the key to finding fresh ideas and transforming your business.
  • Individual entrepreneurs: As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Design thinking will enable you to develop products and services that resonate with your target audience, giving your startup a competitive edge.
  • Designers: Enhance your design skills from the perspective of meeting real customer demands. Design thinking complements your creative talents and helps you create solutions that truly meet user needs.
  • Business leaders: Design thinking benefits leaders at all levels. It's a strategic approach that fosters innovation, improves decision-making processes, and empowers teams to achieve success in business.
  • Cross-functional teams: Design thinking promotes collaboration. Regardless of your field, this training will help you work more effectively with colleagues from different teams.
  • Students: If you are a student pursuing a career in design, business, engineering, or any field where creative problem-solving is crucial, this training will provide you with valuable foundational knowledge.
What participants will receive
  • Сertificate from AgileLAB

    AgileLAB Certificate Participants will receive an international certificate from AgileLAB upon completing the training.
  • Post-Training Support
    After the training, each participant will be invited to join private Slack and Telegram groups, where they can ask trainers any questions and continue to interact with other training participants.
  • Post-pack
    An email with additional materials, a list of articles, and literature for self-study.
  • 8 Hours of Training
    The training consists of 2 sessions, each lasting 4 hours. Theory is reinforced through practice, with participants working in small groups of 5-7 people.
Introduction to Design Thinking:
  • What is design thinking?
  • Concept and history of design thinking.
  • Areas of application of the method.
Design thinking process:
  • Stages of the process and what to do at each stage to achieve the best results.
  • The role of design thinking in the creation of new products, services, and experiences.
Practice. Participants will work on solving a business case using design thinking:
  • Empathy: How to truly understand your customers, their pain points, and needs?
  • Define: What problem are we trying to solve? Is it a real customer problem?
  • Ideation: What solutions can we propose?
  • Testing business ideas: Which of the proposed ideas can genuinely help the customer?
  • Prototyping and testing: How to ensure that we are investing in the right solution?
  • Conclusion and retrospective.