ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy

About the training
The ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) module provides comprehensive guidance for designing and implementing strategic, business-centric IT strategies. This training elevates the discussion of ITIL 4 concepts to the corporate strategy level, facilitating alignment between business and IT. It empowers IT leaders to chart a course toward sustainable business development while optimizing efficiency in achieving strategic objectives.

DITS module provides explains how strategy should impact the design, delivery, and support of services and products throughout the value chains of an organisation.
The training program is accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS. At the end of the training, participants will gain access to the ITIL 4 Leader exam.
Course objectives:
  • Review the role and value of strategy in a digital organization.
  • Introduce methods and approaches to designing and executing strategy, as well as developing required capabilities.
  • Challenge participant’s way of thinking about innovation and inspire to recognize more opportunities in a world of disruptive technology.
  • Empower current IT leaders, and everyone who would like to become a leader,  on a journey of strategy design and execution.
The course will help you to:
  • Craft a digital vision and manage a relevant digital strategy.
  • Understand your organization’s values and priorities.
  • Consciously choose operational excellence objectives.
  • Respond effectively to digital disruption and uncertainty.
  • Enable sustainable IT business development.
  • Develop digital capabilities for leaders of today and tomorrow.
Training is useful for:
  • Anyone who provides services to internal or external customers (Service Desk, Back Office Team, Deployment Team, Architects Team, etc.) and seeks insights into the advantages of ITIL 4.
  • Tech company leaders and teams who wants a rapid and comprehensive grasp of service management best practices.
  • Individuals interested in learning from one of the ITIL 4 co-authors.
  • Professionals looking to update their ITIL 3 knowledge to ITIL 4.
What you get as a participant
  • Access ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy exam voucher.
    At the end of the training, participants receive access to the online certification examinations the ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy exam.
  • After training support
    At the end of the training, each participant is invited to a closed group on Slack, where they can ask the trainers any questions, as well as learn about exclusive offers and you can opportunity to network with likeminded professionals.
  • Post-pack
    A letter with additional materials, a list of training materials sufficient for ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy exam preparation, courseware slides, access to MyAxelos (access to ITIL 4 Practices and relevant articles), candidates’ syllabus, sample exams, articles and literature for self-study.
  • 39 hours
    Course duration: 24 hours (including practical assignments).
    Self-preparation for an exam after the course: 15 hours.
    The course offers a concise and comprehensive ITIL 4 DITS material, covering up to 70% of the certification's required content. With just 20 hours of self-paced study, you'll be fully prepared for the exam.
    We implement theory though practice. During practical assignments we work in small groups of 3-5 people.
In the program
  • Digital and IT strategy key concepts;
  • Digital positioning;
  • Strategic assessment;
  • Strategy planning and preparation for execution;
  • Strategic approaches;
  • Managing strategic initiatives;
  • Measuring strategy;
  • Digital strategy in complex environment;
  • Strategy implementation approaches;
  • Digital leadership;
  • Managing innovation and emerging technologies;
  • Strategic risks;
  • Structuring for digital business.
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ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy