Yuliya Daineko

Product and Marketing Leader, Mentor, Consultant
Vienna, Austria

Yuliya Daineko is a Senior Marketing and Product Portfolio Manager with 20+ years' experience in start-ups, medium size companies and large international enterprises. Yuliya is certified Agile Professional in Product ownership, Delivery at Scale and has proven results in leading teams in cross-cultural projects and challenging business environments.

As a Marketing Director in the past and Head of Product portfolio in her current role, Yuliya managed to establish and grow brands, launch new products and closing those, that dont work, defining right marketing strategy, learn and adjust the strategy with new learnings and change of market conditions.

Her recent project was about the development and launch of an entertainment platform across 5 geo-markets ( agile team, 100 people+).

Yuliya has got a bachelor's in Economics and recently received an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. She became a head of Marketing at the age of 26 and since then has been responsible for marketing and new products areas in Digital Agency, e-learning start-up and 3 different telecom companies, including international telecom holding (7 European countries).

Yuliya is driven by new topics, she has an ability to structure chaos, find solutions and motivate the team for achievements.

Yuliya is also a part of mentor's team in "The Female Factor" to support and motivate young women in leadership.