Case Study: Agile Trainings and Workshops to Improve A1's Efficiency

A1 Telekom Austria Group, one of the largest global wireless providers, keeps implementing Agile and rapidly adapting to the changing environment, because it continuously expands the scope of services and solutions. A1's values are Team, Trust, and Agility.

A1 contacted AgileLAB, because it needed ICAgile-accredited trainings and workshops to comply with the corporate Agility standards.
Agility in Business Context
The initial Agile trainings focused on the business context and involved line managers and IT, Marketing, Sales, and HR teams.

Training domains:
● Agile frameworks;
● Fundamentals of agile methodologies;
● Ways to implement Agile in the current projects and products;
● Scrum and Kanban practices and tools.

The main message of the trainings was as follows: Agile is a mindset, not just a set of practices.

Result: The executives acquired knowledge and skills to manage efficient workflows of operations with a full understanding and adapt them to individual requests.
Agile Product Mindset
AgileLAB developed special trainings and workshops to build Agile product vision. Product teams and executives got a deeper understanding of product management knowledge areas:
● creating a new product using Agile management;
● functions of a product manager;
● backlog management: prioritizing, categorizing, specifying tasks;
● long-term planning: using roadmaps, milestones, and reporting;
● managing several products at the enterprise level;
● working with development teams, stakeholders, and requirements.

AgileLAB's team sessions and workshops helped build a product vision; prioritize strategic initiatives and product teams' backlogs.
Besides the trainings, product managers joined as mentees and upgraded their individual product management skills.

Results: Trainees now understand how the created value aligns with the corporate strategy and vision. Moreover, now A1 engages stakeholders early in the product development process to enable frequent feedback loops and agile multiple products management.
Agility in Digital Competencies
Continuous competency improvement is key to business agility — that is why the workshop focused on relevant digital competencies.
AgileLAB identified domains of competency relevant for business agility:
● work (business, processes, and technical maintenance);
● connections (leadership, organizational structure, marketing);
● mindset (learning, corporate collaboration, responsibility).
AgileLAB assessed to what extent A1 implements Agile practices and sticks to agile development in each of the above domains.
Results: A1 trainees developed roadmaps to business agility in these business areas.
Agile at Portfolio Level
Agile fundamentals were introduced at the portfolio level, i.e the portfolio managers learned how to use Lean Budgets and Planning tools. The attendees learned how to do multi-team and value-oriented quarterly plannings — identify value streams and arrange product teams.
Results: the acquired knowledge and tools enabled A1 trainees to make quarterly plannings in IT. Risk management became easier. A1 became more agile during developing and planning business initiatives. The company now identifies value streams and arranges value teams in-house.
Agile Partnerships
AgileLAB arranged product sessions focused on idea generation and proposing hypotheses for new co-branded partner products. They studied application of Design Thinking, Growth Hacking practices, and other product approaches. The attendees also trained to create personas, user stories, and set priorities.
Session Outcomes: participants generated ideas and offered product hypotheses for the future implementation of co-branded products. Now A1's Agile teams are using tools which streamline communication with partners and track product creation process.
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