Delivery at Scale (ICP-DAS)

About the training
This certification focuses on applying agile management principles beyond projects to programs, portfolios, and broader organizational contexts. You will also learn about lean principles and how they apply to eliminate waste and maximize value delivery across an organization. Upon completing this certification, learners will know proven concepts for managing agile programs and portfolios and common pitfalls to avoid when implementing agile at scale.

To attend the training, it is desirable to have at least one of the following certificates:

  • ICAgile (ICP, ICP-APM);
  • Scrum Alliance (CSM, CSPO);
  • Project Management Institute (PMP, PMI-ACP);
  • (PSM I)
The training program is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). This course is designed for advanced participants with experience in teamwork and relevant theoretical and practical knowledge. Upon completion of the training, participants receive the ICAgile Certified Professional – Delivery At Scale (ICP-DAS) personal certificate which is recognized worldwide.
What you get as a participant
ICP-DAS Certificate
Participants who actively work throughout the training receive the ICAgile Certified Professional – Delivery at Scale (ICP-DAS) personal certificate which is recognized worldwide and a personal profile on
You will get access to facilitation tools and PDF files with the results of exercises.
By attending the course, you can earn up to 15 Category C SEU points and up to 14 PDU points to use towards your future training.
How can I get SEU?
A letter with additional materials, a list of articles and literature for self-study.
Three day delivery (each five hours in duration).
This program covers:
Learning to see the whole system:
  • complexity as enemy number one
  • making sense of complex environments
  • visualizing flow through the system
  • system constraints
Governance for effective delivery:
  • good governance in an agile context
  • enablers for good agile governance
Agile processes at scale:
  • why scale?
  • scaling process is not always the answer
  • frameworks for scaling agility
  • build your own framework
Optimize the System
Structure the organization for effective outcomes:
  • organizational maturity
  • small world networks vs. hierarchy
  • organize around value stream
  • transitioning functional managers to other roles
  • importance of transparency
How culture supports empowered delivery:
  • habits of an agile culture
  • culture of optimizing for the whole
Empower the Organization to Deliver
Stop starting, start stopping:
  • the case for alignment
  • ways to foster alignment
  • making tradeoffs
Communicating value & progress:
  • tracking and measuring value at scale
  • ordering work items economically
  • examples of large scale value metrics
  • sustaining continuous improvement
Align Value Delivery At Scale
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