Celebrating Irina Teteruk's Exceptional Accomplishment as an ICE-EC Expert within the AgileLAB Team!

Our journey has been marked by:
  • Innovation: Embracing cutting-edge Agile practices and continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
  • Collaboration: Building a strong community of clients, partners, and team members who share our vision and contribute to our collective success.
  • Impact: Witnessing the positive transformations Agile methodologies bring to organizations, fostering adaptability, and driving sustainable growth.
In a journey that began in November 2021, Irina Teteruk has successfully completed the ICAgile Expert Enterprise Coaching program. Today, Irina proudly holds the certificate of an expert level in this field. This prestigious certification is a testament to her validated competencies crucial for being an effective enterprise coach.
Irina looks forward to applying the knowledge and skills gained in practical settings, contributing to the success of Agile transformations, and helping companies and teams achieve their highest potential.
Get ready for the upcoming Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Cohort Program (ICE-EC) by our experts as we eagerly anticipate fostering excellence in enterprise coaching and organizational transformation. Stay tuned for this transformative experience that will take your enterprise change to the next level!

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