The Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Cohort (ICE-EC) program, developed in collaboration with ICAgile and AgileLAB!
This introduction of the ICE-EC program in a corporate format signifies a significant milestone, tailored specifically to accommodate the distinct needs of organizations. This adaptation opens doors to a broader spectrum of participants, including agile coaches, members of organizational excellence or development teams, change agents, and more.
As an esteemed ICAgile Transformation Member, AgileLAB boasts a proven track record of expertise in guiding and supporting organizations through transformative change. Our extensive experience in Agile transformations equips us to provide access to cutting-edge practices and innovations in this dynamic field.
Don't miss out on the unique advantages offered by this inaugural corporate launch—join us on this extraordinary journey towards excellence! Would your company be interested in exploring this program further? Don't hesitate to reach out to us and embark on this remarkable journey towards excellence!

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