The Certificate of Assurance
from Cyber Essentials

At AgileLAB GmbH, we have further solidified our commitment to stringent cybersecurity standards by successfully obtaining the Certificate of Assurance from Cyber Essentials.
This accomplishment signifies our ongoing dedication to maintaining robust cybersecurity measures, emphasizing our adherence to rigorous security standards, and our unwavering efforts to ensure a secure digital environment.
What is Cyber Essentials?
Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed initiative designed to assist organizations in bolstering their defense mechanisms against prevalent cyber threats. This esteemed scheme provides a framework to assess and enhance an organization's cybersecurity measures, ensuring that they meet essential cybersecurity standards.
AgileLAB GmbH's Dedication to Cybersecurity:
At AgileLAB GmbH, we understand the gravity of the modern cybersecurity landscape. As a dynamic and innovative company, we place immense value on the confidentiality and integrity of our data and our clients' data.
Cybersecurity is an ongoing endeavor. AgileLAB GmbH is dedicated to continually improving security measures, staying current with evolving threats, and adapting to new challenges in the digital realm.