Brief Retrospective or Creative Feedback Collection Ideas

Agile events often conclude with the need for a quick retrospective or feedback collection. To make this process more effective and engaging, consider implementing these simple yet powerful ideas:
2. Like and Dislike Columns:
Create two columns, one for likes and one for dislikes. This straightforward approach allows team members to express their positive and negative sentiments easily.
1. I Like and I Wish:
Encourage team members to share what they liked about the event and what they wish had gone differently. This simple format promotes constructive feedback.
3. Went Well and To Improve Column:
Implement a tried-and-true "Went Well" and "Areas for Improvement" column format to systematically categorize feedback. This method is invaluable for recognizing strengths and pinpointing areas that require enhancement in upcoming events.
4. Enjoyed and Missed:
Invite team members to share what they enjoyed during the event and what they missed out on. This approach captures both positive and negative aspects.
5. Went Well, What Didn't, Do Better Next Time:
Encourage team members to reflect on what went well, what didn't, and how improvements can be made in the future.
6. Keep Doing, Do Differently:
Promote a forward-looking perspective by asking team members what practices or actions should be continued ("Keep Doing") and which should be adjusted or changed ("Do Differently") in upcoming events.
7. Keep and Add:
Identify elements that should be retained ("Keep") and new elements that should be introduced ("Add") in future events.
8. Love - Want - Hate:
Use this emotive framework to capture what team members love, what they want to see, and what they dislike.
9. Likes / Wishes / Wonders:
Establish distinct categories for "Likes" (positive aspects), "Wishes" (desired changes or improvements), and "Wonders" (questions or uncertainties regarding the event or process).
10. More of, Less of:
Prompt team members to suggest what they'd like to see more of and what they'd like to see less of in upcoming events.
Enjoy the benefits of constructive input and continuous improvement!