AgileLAB – Now a Certified Partner of the OKR Consortium: Open up New Opportunities!

AgileLAB has become a certified partner of the OKR Consortium. This means we can offer you even better training and consulting using the best methods from global OKR leaders. The OKR Consortium is a leading accreditation and certification body for OKR training and consulting. They help businesses embrace the OKR approach, focusing on defining and making measurable progress on the most important goals.
okr consortium is a leading accreditation and certification body for OKR training and consulting.
Certified OKR Practitioner is designed for those working within OKR teams, providing them with the tools and knowledge to effectively contribute and excel in their roles. After finishing the course, you'll get an international Certified OKR Practitioner certificate.

Certified OKR Coach training program is designed for individuals who want to become experts in coaching and training others on implementing the OKR framework. Through this program, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct deployment coaching and first sessions, assign roles during implementation, and provide ongoing support and development to ensure the success of OKRs in the organization.

The Certified OKR Executive training program is designed for C-level executives who want to take their organization's performance to the next level. With this program, you'll learn about the benefits of the OKR approach, best practices for implementation, and how to align the approach with your organization's strategic goals.
As a part of this new partnership, we're offering three training courses: OKR Practitioner, OKR Coach, and OKR Executive. Each of these courses comes with an internationally recognized certificate upon completion.
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