Exploring the 17th State
of Agile Report with AgileLAB

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In this blog post, we'll explore insights from the 17th State of Agile Report and provide our perspective on where Agile stands today.
Key Insights from the State of Agile Report:
  • Scrum remains popular: Scrum continues to be the most widely used team-level methodology, with 63% of Agile users adopting it.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): While SAFe remains the top choice for enterprise-level Agile adoption, there has been a significant decrease in its usage compared to previous years. One-quarter of respondents say the Enterprise Agile framework their organization follows is SAFe.
  • Scrum@Scale/Scrum of Scrums: Approximately one in five organizations follow Scrum@Scale or Scrum of Scrums for their enterprise-level Agile framework.
  • Custom Agile frameworks: A growing number of organizations are creating their own enterprise Agile frameworks or adopting a mix-and-match approach to suit their needs.
  • Agile certification: Agile certification continues to be valued in the industry, with one-third of respondents identifying as Agile coaches.
  • Enterprise Metrics: Two in five respondents say software development and delivery results at an executive level are measured using individual project metrics, while one-third use OKRs linked to Epics.
Use enterprise Scrum
Use "some other framework"
The percentages become tiny after that. Suffice to say that the use of every single Agile framework declined year over year except Disciplined Agile, which stayed steady at 3%.
Is it working? Can it scale? How does it help?
The 17th State of Agile Report paints a nuanced picture of Agile adoption and its impact across organizations. While small, nimble organizations continue to reap the benefits of Agile, larger companies are facing challenges in scaling Agile practices across the enterprise.
According to the report, the top benefits of Agile include:
  • Improved collaboration
  • Better alignment with business objectives
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