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Workshop "NEXUS ZOO Zoo or how multiple teams can effectively work on one product"

Multiple teams working on a single product is a common reality. How to make this work effective? What aspects need to be taken into account, what needs to be agreed upon beforehand in order to achieve a common result?

The answers to these questions will be found by the participants of the "Zoo" workshop, in the process of creating a real product in an iterative way.
Who should participate?
  • team leaders,
  • Scrum Masters,
  • members of product teams,
  • as well as everyone working in an environment where products are developed collaboratively by several teams.
Organizational information
  • Number of participants
    from 15 to 30 people
  • Format
  • Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
    Coffee breaks every hour and a half.
    The theory is consolidated through practice, working in small groups.
  • Post-workshop support
    At the end of the workshop, each participant is invited to join a closed Slack group where they can ask the trainers any questions, to continue their communication with other participants in AgileLAB events.
In the program
The objective of the game is to make a zoo booklet jointly by several teams. The facilitator, who is also the owner of the product, presents the teams with a backlog of the product, the elements of which have dependencies. The initial criteria for product readiness (DoD) are also set. Everything else is decided by the teams - how to do the DoD, how to take dependencies into account, who will do what.

The game runs in cycles plan-implement-demo-retro. After completing all the cycles, participants exchange impressions and observations on what the dynamics are similar to real team situations and what challenges teams face in collaborative product development. Participants discuss how to deal with the challenges.

The final part of the workshop reviews one or more scaling frameworks - less, nexus, safe - and identifies which elements of the frameworks support the effectiveness of collaborative development.
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Public format
Open Date
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Corporate format
At the workshop itself, you will be able to apply the new knowledge in practice, solving problems specific to your team, project or company, using the independent expert knowledge of our hands-on trainers.