Bar Schwartz

Trainer, Management consultant, Agile and leadership coach
One of the Top 15 Coaches in Berlin for 2023
Berlin, Germany

Bar Schwartz is an Organizational Excellence and Agile Leadership consultant and coach from Berlin, Germany. She brings over a decade of expertise in the software industry with a strong focus on Agile Leadership, Product Ownership and Agile Transitions.

Bar led tech, product, people, and transformations in diverse organizational structures, such as startups, corporates, and consultancies. She is a McKinsey Alumni, a certified ICF professional coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Development coach, focusing on both implementing agile practices in a simple, practical and relevant way and shifting cultures, behaviors and mindset to accommodate organizational change.

Recently she published a book "Leadership in a Time of Continuous Technological Change" which introduces a holistic framework for leaders and explains how alignment and clarity can support you in launching your team to new heights.

Currently, she heads the technology department at medneo where she supports the leadership in simplifying ways of working, building digital product development capabilities and enabling further company growth.

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