Aliaksei Aliakseyeu

Aliaksei Aliakseyeu is a professional who holds the position of Director of Engineering at Apalon, a leading technology company. With his extensive expertise in the field of mobile app development and project management, Aliaksei plays a crucial role in overseeing the technical aspects of the organization's engineering department.

Having started his career as a developer for rare platforms such as J2ME and BREW, Aliaksei quickly progressed to leadership roles due to his exceptional skills and aptitude for innovation.

Before his current role, he successfully served in various project management positions, leading teams in developing business applications and games. One notable accomplishment includes his instrumental involvement in developing and managing the popular mobile MMO game World of Tanks Blitz at Wargaming.

In addition to his role at Apalon, Aliaksei also contributes to the industry as a trainer at AgileLAB. With his deep understanding of Agile principles and practices, Aliaksei shares his knowledge and trains professionals to apply Agile methods in their projects effectively. His passion for continuous improvement and his ability to foster team collaboration make him an exceptional Agile trainer.

Aliaksei's diverse experience as a Director of Engineering and his expertise as an Agile trainer enables him to guide teams toward success by implementing efficient processes, promoting innovation, and achieving optimal project outcomes. With his strong leadership skills and unwavering commitment to excellence, Aliaksei is a valuable asset to Apalon and the Agile community.

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