Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)
Lean Agile Transformation

Our specialists, coaches, experts with huge experience are ready to help any type of enterprise to tailor the Scaled Agile Framework to deliver the business results they desire to achieve. We believe that helping companies to be more effective and happier in their work will help them produce great products that meet and exceed their customers’ needs.
Why SAFe?
Achieve greater business results:
  • Time to market
    30-75% faster
  • Quality
    25-75% better
  • Engagement
  • Productivity
    20-50% more
AND it is the most popular framework in the world…

Which means:
  • Easy to implement..
  • Communities of practice
  • Easy to hire specialists,
  • Etc
SAFe Implementation Roadmap for you
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The practice of AgileLAB says that it is necessary to lead transformation to success in a particular company, it is necessary to study its context. We invite you to develop a transformation roadmap just for you so that your company achieves greater business results.
Value Streams and ART Identification & Launch
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One of the most important steps on this roadmap is to identify the Value Streams within the enterprise. Value streams are the primary construct for organizing teams, programs and communication, and delivering value to the customer and to the enterprise itself. Getting value streams right, however, enables the organization to accelerate the flow of value across functional silos, activities, and boundaries.
SAFe trainings
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We offer our specific approach where we mix and match different Agile methods to a particular company’s needs and requirements.

Training can be tailored to the needs of the specific client and can be delivered in online/offline formats.
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For those who ask for personalized support we offer coaching, mentoring and consulting (growth-hacking?). This is a very soft help on request. They give the results of the analysis of the patient and the assistant.
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