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Develop the skillsets needed to applying agile management principles beyond projects to programs, portfolios, and broader organizational contexts & become an ICAgile Certified Professional.
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Delivery Management

Agile Project and Delivery Management
Learn lean and agile project management skills to deliver products by applying different delivery modes and optimizing the value created through value-streams.
Delivery at Scale
International certificate ICP-APM
Format: Live-Online
Scale product delivery within your organization through agile processes. Learn how to empower the whole organization to deliver with transparency and alignment.
Format: Live-Online
International certificate ICP-DAS

Major Themes
Studying an Agile Project Management course online equips you with the skills needed to support or manage agile projects. High-quality course materials help you learn anywhere, at a certain time by having access to the internet. Professional certification boosts your career.

  • Agility and Delivery Management
    Dealing with change and uncertainty is the new normal. The era of knowledge work is much more conducive to an inspect and adapt approach as opposed to command and control approach.
  • Empowering People and Teams
    The best solutions happen when teams are empowered to self-organize and unleash their creativity and brilliance. Shared ownership and accountability can lead to astonishing results.
  • Maximizing Value Delivered
    The fundamental paradigm shift to a value-driven vs. plan-driven approach is paramount for managing agile delivery. Those who can identify, deliver, and measure value are positioned to succeed.
  • Agile Delivery at Enterprise Scale
    Transitioning to Agile isn't easy. Agile Delivery Managers face unique challenges when advocating an agile mindset at program, portfolio, and enterprise levels. This track provides tools to overcome these challenges.

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