We are AgileLAB

Agilelab is an internationally distributed team of Agile coaches
with hands-on experience.
Agilelab provides training courses created in-house and accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) and licensed by Scaled Agile Inc, Kanban University, Management 3.0 B.V.

Our team of expert Agile practitioners only share working methods that they have successfully implemented in their projects.

We share 3 values:
We are interested in growing due to the fact that we integrate the accumulated knowledge and experience in training programs that meet high international standards, communicate with people, interact with different companies and gain experience.
We don't have any "bosses", everyone is free to choose what they do and what not.
We're also impacting people and companies by sharing knowledge and working with them as consultants.
For the past 10 years, we have been sharing practical experience and best practices of the industry and helping to change thinking and become more successful for companies from different industries, such as:

  • IT,
  • The Banking and Finance Sector,
  • The telecommunications industry,
  • Consulting and services.
During this time, we conducted more than 300 trainings and trained more than 3,500 people.
What makes us different?
  1. AgileLAB - expert practitioners. We put into practice everything we teach in theory.

  2. In addition to conducting trainings, all experts work in large companies on an ongoing or long-term basis.

  3. AgileLAB training materials are based on the latest current trends, and trainers have the real practical experience and in everyday life do what they talk about. Here you will not find dry theory or abstract cases.

  4. At each training there is an opportunity to stimulate debate on any topic and to learn more deeply about working cases and examples.

  5. At AgileLAB training, you can learn how to teach Agile to others, and then bring it to your colleagues.

  6. We adapt each training to the specific needs of the audience, try to fill the existing gaps in knowledge, and structure what the participants already knew. We have always prepared more material than the standard program includes.

  7. We are a distributed team with international experience. Our coaches work in the following countries: America, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom. This allows us to synchronize the experience of different countries. Those we try the remote work experience ourselves.

  8. We worked out the ONLINE training program in such a way that it creates the feeling of an audience event since we adapted the material to the format of virtual training as much as possible.

The team is our most valuable resource. We have professional and great stuff, which consists of creative people and diverse personalities. We put our minds to make Agile not just a methodology, but a lifestyle and way of thinking.