January 8th, 2024, at 18.00 CET

System Intelligence in ITIL 4

AgileLAB is a distributed team of Agile coaching practitioners. Our practical knowledge has been applied in hundreds of teams and startups around the world. We share the values and knowledge of ICAgile, ScaledAgile Inc., Kanban University, Management 3.0 and others. That's what makes AgileLAB team trainings so well attended and loved: global practices, case studies, simple tools and networking. Participants learn from each other, not just from the trainers.
AI is shifting the way we perceive IT, innovations from Start-ups are shifting our view of business, and the old good ITIL 4 is shifting the ways we use best practices. As Bill Gates mentioned in his recent post “The road ahead reaches a turning point in 2024".
Are you ready to be onboard for all these shifts and turns?

Whether you are a service desk professional, a backend team leader, a start-up founder,
a tech entrepreneur, or a business leader, this is for you.

Join an ITIL 4 co-author Antonina Douaness (Klentsova) for free 20-minutes online session on January 8th, 2024, at 17.00 UTC to:

• talk about Real Intelligence to enhance ways you work;
• use one of the ITIL 4 tools during the webinar. Today, 86% of companies overlook this tool, loosing 25% of their efficiency as a result;
• explore the next steps to adjust your tech strategy and thrive in the modern world.


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