Agile Product Ownership Bootcamp (ICP-APO + ICP-EPO)

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28 November - 1 December 2022
10:00-16:30 CEST
Live Online Training
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Agile Product Ownership (ICP-APO)
The Agile Product Ownership (ICP-APO) is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Product Ownership Track. Training for Product Owners with a deep dive into product practices. Participants will get an excellent basis for value-based agile solutions delivery.
Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO)
The Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO) is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Product Ownership Track. Enterprise Product Ownership training aims to show approaches to product value alignment with company vision and strategy. It presents techniques for managing and prioritizing several products by the Enterprise Product Owner including stakeholder and requirements management.
Agile Product Ownership (ICP-APO) helps to:
  • Get a complete toolkit for the Product Manager and Product Owner;
  • Get a structural vision of building a career as a Product Manager;
  • Manage backlogs: prioritisation, classification, detailing;
  • Ensure long-term planning: roadmaps, checkpoints, reporting.
Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO) helps to:
  • Give an overview on how to work on several products from the Enterprise PO perspective, taking into account the prioritization according to the company strategy;
  • Provide techniques of working with the development, value teams and other stakeholders + requirements management methods;
  • Explain how to work with OKRs, hypothesis statements and product metrics.
Training is useful for
  • active or potential Product Owners, Directors and Managers
  • Portfolio and Program managers
  • Business Experts and Business Analyst
  • Agile Coaches
  • other team members related to working with requirements and business value, moving to Agile processes
ICP-APO program
1. The Need for Value Management - What is Value Management; Levels of Value Management; Relating to the Agile Manifesto; Value Management in Various Agile Flavors.
2. Role Scope and Diversity - Role, Not Job Title; Adapting the Role to the Context; Bridge not Ferry; Keeper of Responsible Decisions; Big Picture View.
3. Thinking Skills - Critical Thinking; Systems Thinking; Be Comfortable with Ambiguity; Flexibility of Thinking.
4. Value Management Behaviors - Ask the Tough Questions; Show, Don't Tell; Collaboration & Cooperation; Flexibility in Communication; Influence, not Power; Give the Bad News Early and Often; Standing up for the Value.
5. Determining Value in the Initiative - Defining Value; Determining Planned Value; Defining Scope; Identifying Measurable Outcomes & Goals; Creating Delivery Roadmap.
6. Communicating Value - Articulate Value Proposition at the Initiative level; Holder of the Value Context.
7. Understanding Stakeholders - Stakeholder Analysis; Think Like a Customer; User Needs and Habits; Bridge Understanding Gaps.
8. Analyze To Determine Value - Amount of Context Needed; Type of Context Needed; Maintaining Value In the Initiative; Knowing the Constraints; Identifying Initiative Risks.
9. Exploring the Solution - Setting the Scene; Exploring Needs and Solutions; Communicating with Examples; Modeling to Understand; Defining Quality; Quality Tradeoffs.
10. Managing Artifacts - Gathering Artifacts; Managing Artifact Change; Long-Lived Artifacts.
11. Enabling Valuable Delivery - Defining Done at multiple levels; Progressive Elaboration; Understanding what is Doable; Assessing and Validating Delivered Value; Slicing and Chopping; Adapting based on feedback and knowing when to stop.
ICP-EPO program
  • Agile recap.
  • Enterprise Product Owner Role.
  • What is value?
  • Product alignment on portfolio level.
  • Value streams.
  • Stakeholders and techniques to work with them.
  • Value Teams.
  • Enterprise strategy alignment.
  • Product ideation and discovery process.
  • Hypothesis-Driven Development.
  • User research.
  • Business models.
  • Product Vision.
  • Product feature and initiative prioritization.
  • Backlog management.
  • Growth Hacking.
  • Product Metrics.
What you get as a participant
  • ICP-APO + ICP-EPO Certificates
    Participants who actively work throughout the training receive an ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Product Ownership (ICP-APO) and ICAgile Certified Professional – Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO) international certificates and a personal profile on
  • After training support
    At the end of the training, each participant is invited to a closed group on Slack, where they can ask the trainers any questions, as well as learn about exclusive offers.
  • Post-pack
    A letter with additional materials, a list of articles and literature for self-study.
  • Access to Facilitation Tools
    You will get access to facilitation tools and PDF files with the results of exercises.
  • 25 hours of training
    Intensive training will cover the required learning outcomes for both certifications in approximately 25 hours of instructional activities over the two courses in four days.
  • PDU/SEU Points
    By attending this course you will be eligible to earn up to 30 Category C SEU Points and 42 PDU Points of continuing education.
    How can I get SEU?
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Get the full details on this course. Download the PDF Brochure below:
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